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Malardalen University

The Malardalen University has over 15,000 students studying one of its approximately 60 programs and more than 800 courses.
Malardalen University is situated in the densely populated and expansive region around Lake Malaren, about one hour by train from Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. Education and research is characterized by high international quality in technology and science, the humanities, social science and the caring sciences. The University participates in some ten national research schools and conducts graduate studies within the technological branch of scholarship.

The School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, and its Malardalen Real-Time Research Centre (MRTC) are responsible for GSEEM. MRTC is the leading research profile at MDH, and the leading group in Sweden in Embedded Systems related research. MRTC hosts several large strategic initiatives in close collaboration with Swedish industry and has extensive co-operations world-wide. MRTC combines academic excellence with industrial relevance.

http://www.es.mdh.se/ and link

University of L'Aquila

The University of L'Aquila counts about 24,000 students. It comprises 9 Faculties, 17 Departments, 2 Excellence Centres of Research and 3 interdepartmental Research Centres. The University favours outgoing and incoming mobility of students and teachers through the International Relations Office (IRO) and offers services for the assistance of disabled students, for providing free language courses to incoming and outgoing students, the Erasmus Students Association (for leisure activities and welcoming), and the SACS for providing counselling and tutoring services.

The Information Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics Department (DISIM) has developed a solid research and development expertise in (among others) the specification and validation of large distributed software systems. In the Software Engineering area the main research focus is on software architectures, component-based programming, internet-based programming, security and verification issues. The Department collaborates with several companies in the telecommunication area and participates in several national and international projects.

Computer Science @ DISIM and www.univaq.it

VU University Amsterdam

The VU University Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit) has more than 19,000 students and more than 100 MSc programmes. It is known for its interactive and high quality education, and for its dynamic international and multi-cultural university Campus. The faculty of Sciences (FEW) offers education within the disciplines Computer Sciences, Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry & Pharmacochemistry and Mathematics. The education programme is strongly connected to the various research activities. The faculty offers excellent research facilities in highly specialized laboratories as well as unique computing facilities.

The research group participating in GSEEM works in the Computer Science department. It is specialized in software architecture, service oriented architecture, knowledge management and modelling, and global software engineering. Our researchers have an outstanding international reputation, attracting many external grants and are partners in various National- and EU-networks and projects. Most of our students carry out their Master- and Bachelor thesis projects in companies, such as Philips, Accenture, IBM, Logica, Cap Gemini and many others.